Carving wax… And carving wax… And carving wax…

Another project I’ve been working on this semester is my linkage. This is for my Junior Metal Smithing class. Every student is to carve a “master link” out of blue wax, make a rubber mold of that link, and cast it as many times as needed to create a chain. The metal I’ll be casting in is sterling silver.
That is, if I ever get to that point. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it’s usually hard for me to get started on a project… And I seem to be struggling the most with this one. I’ve already carved two different models out of the blue wax, and both designs weren’t adequate. I need to figure out something that is: unique in design, not flat (has a lot of form), going to link in an interesting manner, and finally, something that is lightweight (silver is expensive… $32 an ounce!). Having to keep all these factors in mind, I’m struggling to get on the right path.
To carve the wax, I’m using a flex shaft with special burs specifically for wax. The flex shaft is controlled by a foot pedal.
I intend on spending most of my weekend searching for the right design. Mistakes are good, though, because they are teaching what NOT to do. But regardless, it’s still frustrating! Here are some pictures of my “failed attempts”: