CAD Ring: Complete

It is very exciting for me to say that I completed my first CAD assignment for the semester! YAY!

As always, I had some difficultly getting started. In need of some inspiration, I looked to my man Michelangelo. Going through some of his sketches, I came across a very interesting sketch of a floor plan for a castle fortification in Florence! I thought the contours of his sketch were very interesting and abstract. I was immediately drawn to it and brought the image into Rhino and began modeling.

I traced the outline of the floor plan using the commands “Background bitmap” and “Freeform curve.” I then used “Network surface” to make the form into a solid. After I played around manipulating this shape and printed a test piece, I arrived at several ideas for rings!

I’m really pleased with the way my rings came out. I printed them in a material called Durus White using the Objet 3D printer. This is a photopolymer; soft, bendy, but strong. With one of the rings I experimented dyeing, making it blue using Rit fabric dye. I was able to do this with a pack of Rit dye, hot water, and some white vinegar.

Now I have to pick one of my several rings to be printed in sterling silver. I’ll be sending it out to Shapeways for this to be done. Hopefully it won’t be TOO expensive!









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